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Don't Let Injuries Hurt Your Game

Getting injured is rough. The pain and loss of function, the missed play and practice time, the uncertainty of when you will get back and fear you might get hurt again. You can’t afford to lose your skills while taking unnecessary time off. But most Physical Therapy isn’t designed to maintain the high performance levels of athletes.

You need therapy designed to recover quickly, maintain your skills, and monitor exactly when you are ready to return to the game without further risk.

We get it. At Fuel Sports PT, we’re dedicated to guiding athletes through the recovery process, from first injury to full return, maximizing their performance at every step.  We don’t just tell you what you can’t do; we work with our coaches and performance trainers to help you do more to get back sooner, safer, and stronger than ever.

female athlete performing side plank for physical therapy with Fuel Physical Therapy

The Fuel Sports Process


From Pain and Limitation
and Return to Practice

After an injury or surgery, the first step is to get you moving properly again. We work to restore your strength and mobility in the affected area so you can feel better and get back to normal activity sooner.


Athletic Qualities
and Address Root Causes

Throughout your recovery, we develop a comprehensive plan to complete the training you need to stay at the top of your game without risking further injury. You work closely with the PT and the trainer to maintain the highest possible performance.


Future Performance
and Prevent Injuries

Your goal of returning to your sport at a higher level is always the priority. We let you know exactly when you are ready so you don't waste time by sitting out too long or risk injury by returning too early. You can be confident your body and game are ready to perform at their best.

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Get To Know Dr. Larry Frank Jr., PT, DPT

Founder / Owner of Fuel Physical Therapy

Larry started Fuel Sports PT because he knew from personal experience that most Physical Therapy clinics aren’t equipped to handle the needs and demands of athletes. As a youth athlete, he’d been to boring, standard therapy surrounded by middle-aged and elderly patients that didn’t engage him or get the results he wanted, failing to properly prepare him for sport.

After graduating with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Northwestern University and working with athletes in a variety of settings, he knew he wanted to help young athletes like him bridge the gap from rehab to performance and feel stronger, more resilient, and more confident when returning from injury.

He teamed up with TNT so his athletes could get the best of both Physical Therapy and performance training working in cooperation. He understands that the proper environment is crucial for recovery and fostering athletic success. He’s dedicated to helping athletes of all ages recover from their injuries, return to their sports quickly and safely, and perform at their absolute best.

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